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We have a vast knowledge based in many areas, thus giving us the ability to provide indepth and informative information on our tours. Our Helsinki guides give their utmost during the city tours, excursions, transfers, shopping, galleries, etc.

Our guides take an official guide examination and therefore, have good skills and knowledge of the culture, history, happenings and atmosphere of today in Helsinki and other cities.

Language is no barrier, as we pride ourselves on having a very broad scope of the following languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, German, Finnish, Danish, Thai, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Estonian and sign language. This gives us the ability to have our guides interactive with the group/individual, thus providing a wonderful experience!!


You can learn many different aspects about Helsinki. If you want it to be an unforgettable experience, let Profilink take care of you, by being your guide. With just one phone call, you can receive a guide, some transportation, entry tickets, restaurants, and hotels.

The basic city tour takes 2-3 hours. Afterwards, you will have experienced some of the classic areas, such as, The Senate Square, Icebreakers, Market Square, Havis Amanda, Olympia Stadium, and The Sibelius Monument...

  • Weekdays 2 hours 130 Euro, following hours 35 Euro.
  • Sundays 2 hours 195 Euro, following hours 60 Euro.

Regarding transportation and other services, please don`t hesitate to ask for a quote.

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